Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Moring Recap

Maybe this will be the motivation I need to write with regularity on a Monday morning. Maybe not. Who knows? But it is a new year so, I am all for trying new things. This will be thoughts and doings from the previous week. In this case 2 weeks of vacation, that sadly end today.

~ Christmas gifts for toddlers: In all honesty my nephew, 19 months, spent the greater part of Christmas morning playing in the wrapping paper and boxes. Ahh, if only that could last. By the 29th my son was telling me he had done all of his craft-gifts and was bored.

~ Do go to major theme parks the week before Christmas. Everyone is too busy preparing for the holidays and the parks are largely empty. Of course that means you have to be ready...or write off a day of prep (which we did)

~ Do NOT go to theme parks the week after Christmas. I knew better, but went anyway - ughhh. Lines everywhere make for a tired mother.

~ Knowing that a movie is going to be great and having it live up to your expectations is amazing. It was finally my turn to see Avatar (Teen's 3rd time - Hubby and Boy had already been). I was totally blown-away.

~ Be careful of color choice in food. I made a stew with sweet potatoes and carrots and was told by Boy that there was just too much orange in his dinner, so he couldn't eat it. (wasn't a big hit with anyone else either) Oh-well feast day for the dogs.

~ Temperature is all relative. Growing-up the thermostat was set at 68 in the day and 66 at night. In Sunnyville it has become quite chilly and I have been bumping the thermostat up until it rests at 70 in the day. Still chilly! So, bundle-up and have a great week!


  1. I hope that your time off was wonderful! Good luck getting back into the swing of work and school.

  2. I have to keep the thermo low and stay layered... or our heating bill will be thru the roof.

  3. ~weaselmomma: thanks - but I'd really rather be home!

    ~TogetherWeSave: Thanks for stopping by! Here it is usually air conditioning that kills the budget, so I am happy for the change.

  4. The too much orange comment is pretty good. Everyone wants a pretty plate of food for some reason.

  5. thermostat? central heat & air? what the heck is that? i have on two pairs of socks (one pair being my soccer socks that go up over my knees)a pair of shorts and t-shirt and then some flannel pants & a sweatshirt over that and i'm STILL cold!


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