Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Nope, there is no great saga or interesting reason I have been away so long - just a simple case of life. I have missed reading greatly and may even have a few interesting and (hopefully) amusing posts to share.

In the meantime, here are some thoughts I have been kicking around.

~ Do the squirrels know when a teen is practicing with a new permit? It seems the ultimate game of chicken to dart in and out of the road while a 15 year-old is practicing her skills, but they do it daily. Maybe they are betting and the pay-out of nuts increases with the odds?

~ Just because the population here doubles in winter, the crowds shopping on the weekends should not be increased exponentially. What are they doing Mon-Fri while I'm at work and they are on vacation/retired that keeps them from buying groceries and socks while the stores are empty?

~ Sushi and buffalo wings have something in common: I never know how many pieces to order of either. I mean seriously, isn't sushi really more of an appetizer than a meal?

~ How is it that an hour in the evening gives me so much time to complete a task, but an hour in the morning is barely adequate to dress and prep 3 people for school?

~ When your child is having a melt-down and you know it's because she is hungry, are you still required by parenting rules to use consequences, or can you just stick a pack of peanut butter crackers in her hand and cuddle her on the couch?

~ Thinking of crackers, could I get a grant for peanut butter crackers to hand out to students when they are drifting out of focus in class?

Ok, enough with the thinking - I'm headed off to read some wonderful blogs! See you soon!


  1. Thanks for the amusement. Squirrels taunt, no doubt. Hot wings are supposedly an appetizer too. I make a meal out of either. I say you hand off the crackers and cuddle. You are both tired at the end of the day.

  2. Welcome were missed...I love reading your posts!


  3. i like your thoughts..very amuzing for 6:51 in the AM!

    oh, p.s...where is your "braggin on my awesome skills, and gushing over my obvious love and adoration to sit still long enough to create such a vision of glory" blog?? (like that subtle hint? :)

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