Friday, February 5, 2010

New Parts

It is Friday! Yea! A whole weekend looming on the horizon is a wonderful thing. Plus, it is time for Fatherhood Friday, brought to you by the wonderful bloggers at DadsBlogs, go give them a visit!

My father explains it like this: when the transmission in your car breaks, you don't run-out and buy a new car. Well, you may but I don't Instead you go to the local shop and have the mechanic repair the part or put in an entirely new one. 

The last time I visited my dad it was clear that he was having issues. Getting up and down the stairs at the cottage was incredibly painful. To the point where he ventured down to the lake seldom. My sister and I worried and fretted. If it was this bad here, how was he getting around at his home, with 4 floors? We talked to him and he said his knees were bad. He had been seeing a doctor and needed surgery, but he was ok. 

That was a year and a half ago, and as of Jan. 1st the man still had not had the surgery. Why? Well, because he didn't have time for recovery. I, personally, think he was worried about recovery.But, he had a plan - surgery on the 15th. 

So it was that my dad had his transmission, err knee replaced in January. And the recovery he was dreading? Well, to use his words "this place is like a cruise...there is always something going on and a nurse even puts on my socks in the morning!" So, maybe the next time he needs to hit the repair shop, he won't wait quite so long. After all, he is from the save and repair generation!


  1. Awww, Best Wishes to Dad, and YOU! ;-)


  2. least your dad finally went in and had his dad was to have a hernia surgery about a year or so ago, and he still hasn't. why are guys always afraid of the doctor, surgery, etc.? my husband won't even get a physical lol i'm glad everything went well with your dad's surgery :0)

  3. yeah for DAD! i'm glad he finally did it too. i had forgot how bad he had to hobble down those stairs at the cabin until reading this. I'm glad his recovery is going good too. That surgery can be rough. did he have both of them done at once.


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