Sunday, February 7, 2010

As My Teen Would Say...Randomness

Yea, I've made it! Made what you ask. Well, made it to the point where a person who only knows me from the blogging world, BellaDaddy, has used his wonderful blog to name me in a post and given an award to accompany the mention. Very big news, in my very small life.

Of course as with most items, there is a price. I am to give you 10 random facts about me. So, here goes...

1. I am more of a garden starter then a gardener. I love digging in the dirt and planting the garden but it is really my husband who keeps the plants alive. Constant watering and care are just too much for me.

2. My preferred hairstyle as a teen was a mohawk. My mother was terrified I'd be expelled from Catholic school, but the principal, Sister X, told me it reminded her of nuns in the olden days. (did not please my mom)

3. I do not drink coffee. It just didn't taste very good, and I always figured why add a vice that I have to get used to? So, it is tea in the am and Diet Coke the rest of the day.

4. Even though I appear laid-back to many, I am a closet worrier. Things are constantly knocking around in my head. (a trait I fear has been passed to Youngest as she couldn't sleep last night because she wants "all the people on this planet to just stay alive")

5. I met my husband on my 15th birthday. We dated, I moved, we were friends for 5 years before we were an actual couple.

6. I try to convince myself that I blog for me and for fun...but I LOVE comments. So really, who am I fooling?

7. I'd rather vacation in the woods than the city. Whether I am in a tent or a cabin, I find the woods relaxing and ever-changing.

8. I don't regularly separate the colors when I do laundry. Another step in the laundry process, who needs that? Keeping towels, linens, bleach stuff, and clothes in their separate loads is as far as I am willing to go on a daily basis.

9. I'll read almost any fiction book put into my hands. And though I love to read the classics, I am very fond of young adult lit. Good thing I teach, so I have an excuse to be reading them all the time!

10. On payday, I retrieve my check to look at my vacation time accrued. The money is always the same, so I take pleasure in the accumulation of time.

Well, it may not be coherent, but the rule was 10 random things!

I am passing this award on to a couple of very fun bloggers: nonnasnonsense , life of a new dad , & bad momma . Have fun!


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I'm honored.

    I really suck at Memes but I am good at being random. I'll have to give this a try.

  2. I love the randomness! Congrats on the award, Bella Daddy is good guy and you deserve the recognition.

  3. Amazing eh, how much two people, from totally differing backgrounds, and geograhic locations, can be Oh So The Same LOL

    Congrats - you deserve it!

  4. oh, you stink! you just threw me in there to make me do an actual blog post instead of my pictures and videos i've been trying to get away with! man...alright! i'll do one soon, but i'm not promising how soon. so there :)

    oh, and your list was good too :)

  5. Congrats on the award. I never would have pegged you for a mohawk in catholic school girl.

  6. Ofcourse who wouldn't love to have comments in blog. Nice writeup


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