Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Works for Us

We all know the classic rules of romance. Wine and dine, romantic words, and stolen glances across crowded rooms. From the beginning of my relationship with my hubby, we have never met the conventions of traditional romance. 

From spending our teen nights hanging out in a field, or talking on the phone 1200 miles apart to mutually deciding the time get married had arrived as we drove down the highway with our one-year-old laughing in the backseat, we have had our own way of doing things. Comfortable, loving, fun, with a touch of sarcasm thrown-in to keep life interesting. So when a holiday comes along that sets standards of how we should behave in our relationship, it should come as no surprise that we tend to rebel. 

We did go out for a dinner alone - but it was Saturday. This was followed in the distinctly non-romantic venue of a local comedy club where we met some friends and laughed until the tears rolled. After this, we made a stop to pick-up treats for our little valentines. Romantic? Certainly not by any traditional standard ever established by a group of my peers. 

Today found us hanging out at home. With youngest in bed with strep, we had nixed all weekend family plans. The house was full of family and we stole the living room to watch a comedy while the kids were doing their own things. We spent the early evening out alone. Ahhh - you're thinking, romance at last. Well, it could be. If you find teasing and laughing your way through the grocery store romantic. It sounds lame to many, I know. 

But to me it isn't the place, it's all about the company. His laughing, "I love you" after a particularly goofy dance across the room is better than a diamond pendant. Now, it's off to eat some more chocolate. What? Some traditions are worth keeping!


  1. I absolutely adore the fact you do it your way. Every couple is unique and the way they celebrate their love is unique as well.

    The line that touched me in your post was this one:
    "His laughing 'I love you' after a particularly goofy dance across the room is better than a diamond pendant."

    BTW, I'm glad you kept the tradition of chocolate. You are so right, some traditions ARE worth keeping! :)

  2. I got my wife a card for VD that read 'Why do I put up with you?' inside it read, 'Oh yeah, you put up with me.'

    Perfect sentiments for couples who understand the meaning of why they belong together....

  3. sounds good to me..well..except about the whole grocery shopping thing. i did a sexy box of chocolates though. i even let him have one :) he got to go to my mom's house and be fed food cooked by somebody else besides me. oh and commune with the whole 7 dog pack that didn't shut up the whole time we were there lol.


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