Friday, April 30, 2010

Just one last thing...

The house has been thoroughly cleaned, all the laundry is washed, folded, and away. It is the morning of departure. A weekend away at long last.
Kids clothes - check
tents - check
kitchen supplies - check
bath and pool needs etc - check
my clothes - uhhh, where are my clothes? 

Ahh, crap. I didn't pack yet. Soon, this leads to exasperated head shake from husband and children who are running around like they are bovine suffering from mad cow disease. Ok, quickly throw the pile I planned into a bag, and hand it off to the van-packing patrol. We. Are. Good. To. Go.

Uhhh, just one more minute, hon. Ignore head shake number two from Hubby. Quickly run over to the sink to hand wash the few dishes created while I was busy tossing my wardrobe into a duffel. Double crap, there is food waste in the can - have to tie that up and bring it out. Double check the note to neighbor about dogs' and other assorted animals' needs while we are gone. OK. Done. 

Actually sitting in the car...Double crap. Hop out and just make sure at this point Hubby gives his most exassperated head shake of the morning the doors are closed, everything off, AC is turned way up. In the house once again, notice a used cup on the table and a plate on the desk, quick wash. Ok, we're gone.

In the car, Hubby wants to know: why stress so much? A conversation we have had many, many times before. For some reason, men just don't seem to get it. Or maybe it's just me? Let me know what you think...

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  1. at my house is is me and the kids in the van waiting for my spouse to do all those last minute checks. not that I am super-ready, as much as I just super-don't care about 'the little things', I think. which is obvious in my giant gaping hole in domestic skills and abilities.

  2. You didn't do anything I wouldn't have done, exasperated head shakes or not. You have to leave a clean house, because who wants to come back to a mess? Also, you have to make sure everything's off or on, depending on what it is. And I'm sure you were busy getting everything in order and maybe helping everyone else make sure they had what they needed. Stress, yes. And that's probably the main reason you forgot to pack. I hope you have a spectacular weekend!

  3. We typically go through a similar routine when trying to leave. My family doesn't get it either.

  4. In my house, it is my husband that takes forever to get the car loaded. And then the boys take turns running back in to get an item they forgot. Getting ready for a trip is like herding cats!

    I am not much of a camper... This is one of my favorite mugs


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