Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Falling Off the Roof

One pleasant morning everyone was busy playing and relaxing. Boy and Hubby had gone outside to test fly Boy's new light weight remote control helicopter. They hadn't been gone long when Boy came in to tell me, "Dad got it stuck on the roof."
Being the nosy helpful creature I am, I went out to investigate. (Still sporting my slippers and PJ's) Hubby was warily eying the ladder and the roof when I arrived on the scene. Quickly sizing up the situation, I announced I would make the trek up the ladder. Hubby promptly held it stable as I climbed up to and then on the roof. I shimmied to the run away copter and returned to the roof edge with the prize. Hubby said he had the ladder and that I should watch my step getting onto the ladder. After making some flippant comment, as I've been known to do once or twice, I slid my slippered feet to the ladder. I am not sure, even now, exactly how it happened I blame the slippers. I know I had felt the ladder rungs and then I didn't. Just as my brain registered it was about to be bashed into the walkway leading to the front door, I was landing in Hubby's arms.
He looked down at me cradled there and said, "Hello, love." While trying to swallow back my heart which had lately realized the danger and was threatening to escape through my mouth, I hugged him close, speechless. (Boy of course thought this was hilarious and cool all at the same time and was laughing and babbling excitedly.) 
Though this happened over 2 years ago, it occurs to me today, on our wedding anniversary. There has never been a soul who I have felt is more firmly in my corner than my husband. And just as he illustrated so well that Christmas morn, we make a great team. So, to Hubby I say thank you, I love you and it's a good thing you caught me, or I wouldn't have a story for today!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I absolutely adore your husband's response as he caught you, "Hello, love." And that's what it's all about.

  2. A. Happy Anniversary, You both are gems.

    B. He is a night in shining armor.
    3. Thank God for great reflexes.

  3. What a wonderful Anniversary story...

    .. Christmas story....

    .. marriage story..

    I'm not sure what category your story is in.. but it was a a good one.

    happy anniversary!

  4. I am three weeks late, but that was a great story. I hope you had a great anniversary.


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