Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grass is Greener

Way back when Hubby and I ran neighborhoods with the abandon and surety that comes with youth and knowing you are invincible we had a running joke about grass as in lawns, jeez Remember life was a bit simpler then. We actually went outside to skateboard. 
The ramp being conveniently located a few miles from my house meant that we all spent a lot of time walking through neighborhoods.  Since we weren't informed enough to talk politics at the ripe old age of 15 and we spent many, many hours cruising the town we would talk about anything. Front lawns were right there. They are diverse some with nice thick grass, while others are weed infested and sport bald patches. There was a house somewhere with green, lush grass that called to me. I proclaimed that the grass looked soft and my feet were tired. We had a seat near a curb and the grass was in fact luxuriously soft and thick. I'm sure I hammed it up a bit then we moved on. But, the tradition had begun. When boredom hit, or a walk brought us through new neighborhoods, we would rate the lawns with me running ahead to touch the grass for the feel-it test.
Fast forward too many years to count and we live in Sunnyville. The grass here is what Northerners would attack with hands or weed killer. It is infested with bugs of every size and shape. Not where you want to lie back and look up at the sky. But our children seem to have the need for "soft grass" embedded in their genes. 
So, every time we hit the north-of-fire-ants line they feel a need to just lie in the grass. This was exactly what happened while we were visiting the Statue of Liberty. The grass there wasn't even up to my teen standards, but we made do.


  1. That's great!
    I was going to ask about your oldest again, but then remembered that she had to miss this trip.

  2. all my many years growing up in Ohio, where it rained a lot.... the grass is green and lush. You didn't even have to do anything or weed or add chemicals- it was still fairly soft and lush....
    I experienced 36 years of that. And it's all my kids have known, as well.
    Until we moved out here to "Sunny California"- where the sun is still intense even when not super 'hot' and rainy season usually consists of 3 weeks of off and on sprinkles

    Never before have we had the need to be careful walking in the grass because it is so dry it is like razor blades- and burrs grown naturally all throughout.

    I'll be doing a lot of barefoot grassing walking during out Ohio visit!


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