Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Career Planning

It starts young these days. Children being asked what they aspire to be and how they will achieve these goals. As parents we run hither and yon (yea for vocab!) giving our children opportunities to experience the world through sports, music, arts, and culture. We strive to broaden their worlds and their knowledge.So, I shouldn't have been surprised by the following exchange with Youngest...

me: "I do not want to hear can't from you anymore. You can if you just try." (insert lecture here)
Youngest: "Oh - so you mean I just need to keep practicing?"
me: "Yes! (sees sun shining through clouds) You can do things if you work for them."
A brief pause in the conversation while she absorbs this information...
Youngest: "Well then, if I keep practicing my rollerskating I'll get better and better. 'Cuz I am getting a little bit better each time."
me: "That is exactly right and it's the same with anything that is hard at first."
Youngest : "So Mom, I can get really good and one day I can get a job at the ROLLER RINK! Or maybe that place with the food and the girls on skates - Sonic!! I could be good enough to work there!"
me: "Uh - yeah...I guess you could."

Youngest, Teen, Boy and Cousins skating over the summer.

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  1. LOL!!!

    Who doesn't want to be a waitress on rollerskates!?


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