Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude in a Story

Gratitude is the sentiment of the season, regardless of shopkeepers efforts to rush it through so we can move into the next season which they would like us to believe is greed. 

In that vein I am going to wax poetic about about my many blessings - nah. I'll be sparing you that, and share a story instead.

There once was a girl, whose life was a chaotic drama of learn-things-the-hard-way. Her operating premise seemed to be do something the hard way to better prove yourself, often resulting in difficult times.Throughout much of this time she had a friend who listened without judging and looked through all the flotsam to the person underneath the flow from combat boots to berkenstocks and constant scowling cynicism. And he liked who he saw.

Happily she was smart enough albeit after many years and one baby to mention as they cruised down the highway, "Well, I guess we should get married." And marry they did. A circumstance, choice, and life for which she is thankful everyday. For it is from this union that so many of their blessings have sprung. 

May you find yourself thankful for the things that truly matter in your life this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

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