Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hey there! Still Seashore. Still living the dream - if family, chaos, laughter, & love are your version of the dream. Instead of apologizing, I am merely picking-up where I left off so hop on or not as you desire.

Feverish, clingy, and whiny. These 3 words describe me by mid May Baby this week. She had a come-and-go-fever that would hit about 102 and slowly fade. Each evening I felt certain it was breaking and each night she woke feverish and needing to be cuddled in the wee hours. 

Now, it is almost May and even with MrS helping out this year toddler daycare is a germ factory I had one day left to be used for another pointless court date for Baby. This meant that each morning Teen would go off to school, for the whole 2 classes she attends on campus each day and Boy would stay home with Baby. Youngest (who needs a new moniker) went to school as usual where she was joined by Boy who reached school by bike about an hour late each day, once Teen was home to supply care until I returned from work. (One day this controlled chaos was even joined by Teen's friend who volunteered since Boy couldn't be late) 

If you recall my earlier description, you understand these have not been easy days for Teen or mornings for Boy. Yet, while they normally complain like most teens, not once did either complain about this extra duty. They took on this chore with grace and caring and I want to publicly thank them both. 

You are amazing kids and make me proud every day.

And for those of you concerned, not to worry we went to the doctor this am and it was a flu that led to ear infection - antibiotics and eye drops are in place.

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  1. yay kids! so proud of u guys for helping mom and baby! might not seem like a big deal to u guys but I know it was a great relief for mom not 2 have 2 stress about missing more work. u guys are AWESOME!


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