Friday, March 19, 2010

Mood Elevator

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You know those moments. The times when kids are more like demon-spawn than the precious little bundles of joy you proudly held soon after birth. You're last nerve has been worked upon and you are just crabby. You think to yourself, why do I bother - no one seems grateful or to even notice you are alive.

Of course, these things have never happened to you. But perhaps you have read about them or seen them on TV. 

I think Hubby may have found the perfect fix to times such as these. While I lounged moody and brooding upon the couch last night, he began by attempting conversation. I was pleasant, but he could tell the irritations of the day hadn't gone peacefully to sleep with the children. He asked what he could do, and I hesitated. After all the guy had only just sat down after working and taking Teen et al to the gym and doing his own workout and then taxi service. I know he was tired too. But eventually it came out. 

I wanted cheesecake. Something we do NOT keep in the house (it's taboo - like cookies, cake, and donuts) So, he said no problem. He checked to be sure there was nothing else needed around the house and then he left. Returning with a bit of heaven in a package. I had a slice while he ate his late dinner and we visited while we both ate. My mood was indeed improved.


  1. Every Friday night my wife and I have a routine...I get a pizza and make chocolate chip cookie bars to which we devour both and relax in the joy that is the end of the week.

    She works hard at home with our little girl and I'm happy to bake anything or get anything to make her hard week a little better.

  2. cheesecake is pretty much a Cure-All. And a nice start to any weekend.

  3. It's amazing how the little things can help lift one's mood.

  4. Cheesecake and sweet husbands do have magical powers.

  5. When my hubby wants to get in my good graces, he will buy me Mint Milano cookies. Of course he usually expects something in return *wink*.

    Sounds like a happy ending to your day!


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