Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break Has Sprung

It's Friday! While for me that means many wonderful things, for you it is a great opportunity to visit Dad Blogs and read some great posts at Fatherhood Friday.

Spring may have sprung a week ago, but more celebrated by far is the fact that starting today spring break has sprung. It is the little taste of summer before the real thing descends in force, the teaser that makes the last 9 weeks of school without a single break drag-on like the responsibility lecture your parents gave you as a teen. Here in Sunnyville this spring break is different from the many that have come before. It seems unclear how things will play out, plans may require altering and previously planned activities are now seeming precarious. The culprit? Weather.

Though I have spent the very long winter biting my tongue, largely for fear of being lynched by those of you suffering snowstorms, the time has come for an airing of Sunnyville's unusual weather. Down here in the US jungle, there are predictable patterns. It is DRY in the winter, it rains daily in the summer which is really convenient if you like to take a sauna on your lunch hour. Sweaters are almost obsolete as they are worn for roughly 2 weeks of the year, and what a waste of closet space that is. Camping and outdoor activities are pursued with gusto in the spring. It is hot enough to swim and predictably sunny. But not this year. 

This winter has sent parents scrambling for coats and long sleeved shirts to outfit children who chafe at the mere mention of jeans. In an effort to remain upbeat I reminded myself and my children many times it would be only too soon that they would be sweating and wishing for a cool breeze. But painting an upbeat attitude about rain in March? That is beyond even my Pollyanna abilities. 

And now we are faced with the dilemma of our traditional mom & kids camping excursion. Last year we were sweating and swimming. This year they may or may not have opened the spring run because the Manatees are still huddling for warmth. Last year there wasn't a cloud in the sky, this year there exists a 30% chance of rain! Teen says not to worry, they will find plenty to do. I am sure Teen and her friends will. It is my sister, her kids, my younger kids, and me I am worried about! Note to self: pack plenty of crafts, games, and beer.


  1. and rain tarps. pack extras.

    We went camping in the rain last month and ended up in a hotel because the tents got flooded.

    I'm sure you will all find fun things to do. Enjoy.

  2. Weather sounds like a challenge. But, I am sure the magical powers of parent improvisation will prevail.

  3. Good thing that you have a plan. It was in the 30's and windy yesterday and the 40's today. The weekend should see 70, but who knows after that.
    Enjoy the lack of school.

  4. Don't forget the beer! I bet you have a great time inspite of the weather. I'm glad you bit your tongue about the weather when we were experiencing snow storms. That was kind of you. :)

  5. Hope you have a nice break and that you get a break with the weather.

    We started the day before our break with 1" of snow. After a week of lovely 60 degree weather. Boooh!

  6. No matter what the weather beer is an essential part of any camping trip. Have a good time.


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