Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

It is Thursday and while that means nothing special to many, it provides me a brain-download opportunity in the form of Thursday's thoughts.

1. This is my 101st post. It took over a year to post 100 blogs...I seem to be lacking regularity.
2. While I don't enjoy a messy house, I do endorse a well-used home. So, I am trying to refrain from freaking-out when all the girls are over playing rock band after school.
3. State testing is a bit like mass-hysteria. You don't want to panic, but you see others and wonder why you feel calm. Next the kids feel stress and then the parents succumb. So you wonder. Should I cram something else? Why am I relaxed?
4. When I walk into the gym at 5 am I want to know what all those people are so chipper about. Do they not know they should be home in bed?
5. Due to an unending chill in the air, I have been granted many opportunities to wear this wonderful scarf given to be by Nonna. Love the colors! But wish I could pack it away now.

Now, I need to go cram more knowledge into 7th grade brains before the test next week!


  1. wait a minute! GIVEN to you??? i think you need to change that to "slaved over for hours and poured her love into creating this beautiful, wonderful scarf for her bff" ...or something like that :)

  2. Congrats on making 100 posts. If I had ever been in a gym at 5 am a bunch of chipper people would ensure that I never came back.


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