Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eating Out (going the way of the dodo bird?)

A few months ago I was sitting at an intersection with my 4yo. While she was looking out the window at a local restaurant/sports bar. She says to me "Mom, do we ever go to that place?" I respond that we have been there, but only a few times.

She gets quiet for a bit, then continues with, "Mom, do you know that kind of place where you sit and people bring a drink to you...then they bring food to you and I like to eat chicken nuggets at those places?"

I answer, "Yeah honey, you mean a restaurant."

She responds, "YEAH! that place. Why don't we ever go to there anymore? We used to eat at that kind of place, but now we only eat at our home."

Inwardly I chuckle as outwardly I tell her that we eat at home, have good food there yadda,yadda.
It is a sure sign of the times when your 4yo notices that you haven't been to a restaurant in months.

Then, this past week (with Christmas expenses behind us), I was prompted by a very long day to announce that we were going out to eat. Everyone was all-in abandoning various activities to prepare for the outing. The 4yo runs to put on her shoes and asks, "To a place where the person will bring me a pop (big treat) and chicken nuggets?"

"Yes, a restaurant. All luxuries are not extinct," I reassure. To which she gives me a puzzled look then nods knowingly and says, "They did not die like the dinosaurs - right mom?"


  1. In this economy, they may! She is too cute, and smart!

  2. must agree with weaselMomma. very, very, cute and smart to boot!

  3. We've cut it down to twice a month maybe. With sports and lessons and such, we still end up eating out at least once a week, but it's usually fast food 1/2 the time. The days of full service restaurant dining are now reserved for birthdays and other special occasions.

  4. Thank you to weaselmomma & nonna, I happen to agree :)

    ~nukedad: Well we do order pizza, but otherwise are at home unless it's a special occasion too.

    ~microbiologist: LOL - me too!


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