Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Up & Down

Holy smokes! The pressure to preform! Weaselmomma challenged me to write about our commune - see her post for more details. There are so many great stories - the dog who thought she lived in the entire building, the kids and their moments, the craxy landlord, etc etc.

OK, let me tell you about the day the thermostat was topping 100 (I have to work up to the landlord thing). As a young family, we had little cash to blow and we made due with window units - on the 3rd floor, & it was only 1 unit. So, we chose a room to cool, depending on the heat and my mood it could be the family room or a bedroom. Throughout the day I was up and down visiting and taking care of home stuff. I stayed down a bit that day, as it was clear that down was much cooler than up, and though I loved my kitchen, a twinge of jealousy passed through my thoughts.

At one point my daughter needed to potty - so up she went, leaving each door along the way open. Upon completion, cries of "come wipe-a my butt!" were heard echoing down the back stairs and up I went (my legs were in great shape). As I was up, I brushed the radiator, and discovered it was warm, well summer - whatever.

As the day turned to evening, the temp was still quite high upstairs - prompting us to look at the thermostat and better gauge our misery. The apartment was over 100! Holy Cow! Now we knew we were miserable! And better yet, we could put a number on our misery. Between whining & complaining, I used the commercial break to potty and while drying my hands, noticed that the towel there was REALLY warm! The radiator wasn't just warm it was on!

And, the controls for the heat were in weaslefamily's apartment. A quick call and a talk with oldest weasel confirmed that indeed she did turn on the heat. She wanted the house to cool off, so she turned it "ON". LOL! It was funny then, and we were hot - so you have to see the humor!!


  1. I totally Forgot about this one and now am tearing with laughter. Thanks for the refresher!

  2. Lets not forget about the wacky landlord that would steal peoples underwear out of the dryer in the basement!!

  3. ~weaselmomma: LOL, they were funny times!

    ~BryanO: he was just too weird to write about!

  4. I agree with Bryan. You need to post all the funny landlord stuff. It's perfect fodder and your memory is obviously better that mine, I forgot about the panty stealing too!


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