Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a Thought

I really have no idea how many people actually read this, but I'm gonna try anyway - so comment and make me feel good!

In our schools we recently had the state writing test administered to 4, 8, & 10th grades. I do not teach those grades (but oldest and boy are each in one). Anyway, we were asked to keep our classes particularly quiet that day. With Valentine's Day coming and a story we've been reading, I chose to have my classes write as well.

I asked them to think of a wonderful family treat they have had and then to think about the times and memories that go with the treat. They then had to write a brief autobiographical essay about the memory. Well, as any teacher knows, you have to have examples...and boy do I have examples! There was the m&m cake when I turned 6, the ice cream cone clowns from Baskin Robbins, baking with my mom, baking with my kids, eating, etc etc. It dawns on me that many of my best memories involve great foods!

So, here is my question for you. What is the best dessert you have had? Does it contain a memory to share?

Let me know, I'm all ears!


  1. Baileys Irish Creme Cake!!!! It reminds me of girls night with my friends!

  2. Oh, that's hard. There are so many that are the best.
    My MIL makes a Pumpkin Roll that is crazy good. Her other kitchen skills seriously lack. She hates that i can cook and bake fairly well. For years I asked her for the recipe and she denied me (we would constantly laugh about it). Eventually she said she would give the recipe to my girls when they were older, but not to me. One day I told her "Someday, you are going to be on the wrong side of the grass and then nobody is going to have Pumpkin Roll!"
    That year she had a minor bought with cancer, decided I was right and sent the recipe and everything I needed to make it as my Christmas present.

  3. I grew up poor. Dessert was only for special occasions. I have never had a birthday cake or a family party in my 58 years. Mother made a banana pudding from scratch and a german chocolate cake. The german chocolate was made with aged butter that we got from our great grandparentd..I don't like the banana pudding but I would sell my soul to have that german chocolate again.

  4. kel: I've never had it, but it sounds yummy!

    weaselmomma: LOL! The lengths we go to for a good recipe!

    twinkaye: I haven't had real German Chocolate cake in so long - my stepmom used to make it. Great choice!

  5. As far as how many read this, I've never read you before~ blog skipping. :0 A very old very Italian friend of my Dad's makes a creme caramel to die for. 8 dozen eggs. (I try not to think about it)
    Wonderful. ~Mary

  6. huh. well i thought my MOM would have a memory with her KIDS, but i guess that's just wishful thinkin'.

    MY favorite dessert would have to be the chocolate covered, peanut butter balls. they were torture to make because we usually made a LOT. like 12 dozen a LOT. bet they were so yummy and everybody looked forward to getting them at the cookie exchange.

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  8. oops! had to remove my own comment - kids! hehehe

    ~Frank&Mary: Thanks for posting! Might be a lot of eggs, but dessert doesn't count - right?

    ~nanna: are those the same as buckeyes? (i think that is what mmy ohio neighbors call them)

  9. I can't remember anyone in my family actually baking any sort of desert. For most of our holidays it was just easier to buy pies and such.
    But I do have a memory that revolved around desert! When I was younger (before the age of 7) I used to walk with my grandfather to an ice cream shop that at the time seemed like miles. We'd pick up a case of drumstick ice cream cones and walk the miles back to my grandparents house to eat them up.

    It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I realized that the ice cream store was really only 3 blocks from home.

  10. I'm going to be a rebel and change the topic a bit and tell you of one of my worst desserts, because this writing "assignment" brings be back to Jr. High ;).

    I love chocolate. My grandma does not really care for it, something I found shocking! We went down for Easter one year, which was odd since we normally went for Thanksgiving but I cannot remember the circumstances if there really were any. After dinner my grandma said she made cookies for me, chocolate cookies since she knows I like chocolate, I was excited! She brings them out and they are oatmeal cookies she had added cocoa powder or something to. I HATE oatmeal, it is vile, and knew that I wouldn't like the cookies and tried to pretend I was full. She totally guilt tripped me into taking one, she is the only woman on the planet I would have eaten one of them for. I tried so hard to pretend I liked it, not sure if I tricked her or not, probably not given she had 4 kids and 8 grandkids! So even though they were gross I fondly remember the nasty chocolate oatmeal cookies my grandma made just for me, thankfully only once!!!!!


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