Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Our lives are a bit backwards, down here in sunny land. While many people complain about winter across this country, we praise it to the heavens! This is our time... to be outside without fear of: fluid loss through sweat, death by mosquito, or sun poisoning.

In my family this is "hit the woods time". I thought I would share some recent pics with you, especially you remind you that summer is coming, and if it is too far away, this is a great spring break destination. (the tourist bureau should pay me!)

Visiting a nearby state park over Christmas break. The kids were such hams, stopping to take "group pictures" every so often. The alligators were plentiful and on the way out, the deer were a-bounding next to the van!

Youngest face was too priceless not to freeze in time. (we did cajole her into tasting the lemon a 2nd time for the shot - missed the 1st) This is a very fun spot we finally visited, after living 2 miles from for 8 years. Live music, food, beer, and on the river - who could ask for more?

This is son, who is so into a new series of books that he brought it on our hike. This is a great preserve that we found last week and loved so well we brought the dogs back this week.

Just a great shot of the river as we hiked. I believe I had to climb halfway down the bank for the shot, nearly getting mud up to my knees. (not knowing there was a look-out around the next corner!)

Of course oldest went too. You thought we left her home, didn't you? She is there, she is just usually so far ahead, we can't get a shot!

So, while I sympathize with the misery you feel at being so cold and cooped-up, I am thrilled when winter comes. (now that our lives in the north are far behind us) It is our hiking and outing time, no insect repellent needed! But it is too chilly to swim....


  1. You've given me the gift of hope!

  2. dang it! you beat me to it! i am just trying to put together me & sis's trip in the woods! well actually i'm spending more time playing with the pics and posting

  3. Now that is a nature hike I'd love to be able to take now and again. Looks awesome!

  4. weaselmomma: I'm a giver - what can I say? hehehe

    nonna: nah-nah, you snooze you lose!

    tom: thanks! we love it too!

  5. I have decided that your family is lacking an adult offspring, thankfully for you I happen to be in the market for a new family that doesn't live in the frozen wasteland... Oh and I'll only drive my sister to the mall if it has a geeky science nerd store for me to play in, I would so take an adorable younger sibling with if she would be cool with poking around the nerd store with me ;). Also I am not sure what this "summer" is that you speak of but it sounds fantastic!

  6. ~microbiologist: summer will come to you too. Have patience - it'll be awhile!


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