Friday, February 27, 2009

Fairness Friday

Progress reports came home last week. That time in the quarter when students get to show their parents (while there is still something that can be done about it) how they are doing in school. My students have access to their grades daily, but somehow, when those papers are handed to them, moans, cries of joy, or low sighs of relief (depending on the student) are heard around the room.

It always hits me, again and again, that they are largely clueless about their grades. How can this be? I hand out grade sheets periodically, they have all of their work returned to them, and they can visit my web page and access their grades from there. So, why are they surprised?? Ahhh - it is not surprise, it is reality that has just hit them in the face.

Much the same as the reality my daughter faced after bringing home all B's on her progress report. It is not that we are unreasonable parents, it is simply, that we know she is not bringing anything home, and that she is quite honestly slacking. So, we talked (and took away the computer & friends on weekdays) about effort, commitment, & potential. She, being the concerned teen that she is, wanted to know why her brother doesn't have to live up to these standards. "Doesn't he have potential?" she called across the van. To which we replied, "Yes, he's been grounded for weeks!" See, it is all fair.


  1. lol, my answer is always "I love blank more".

  2. B's aren't bad, but if you know it's from lack of effort, then I would do the same thing you did!! Its all about the effort!

  3. ~weaselmomma: I love that one too. (but youngest always cries - ever the drama queen)

    ~kel: Explaining that to a no-effort B student is an ongoing battle.

  4. it's just like jon coasting thru college with b's & c's when he coulda been makin' a's. i fussed at him too. didn't do me any good but, i fussed all the same :)


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