Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's Madness

A cold front came when we were not looking. It creeped in Sun. am and the temps were dropping all day! Now we are forcasted to only hit a high of 62 today - brrrrr! (My sweaters are getting quite a bit of use lately.) I will be using the cold weather as an excuse for the disjointed tidbits that I will be assembling today as my post.

Youngest was patiently explaining to me why she had taken a bad fall at pre-k last week. It was bike day, and she chose to bring her scooter.
"When the little hill in the circle came it was really fast. I fell and my bum went on the wheel. I was crying in the grass."
me: "Then what happened?"
youngest: "Miss Angela came and I felt better. I tried again, but mom, (with her hand holding the handle bar of her princess scooter) this baby's hard to handle!"

Boy, upon returning from the bathroom where mom logistically placed the Boy's Body Book.
"What's that book in the bathroom?"
me: "It's to help you understand puberty. Why you'll wake up one day with a mustache and an uncontrollable need to kiss a random girl."
boy: "UGHHHH! No way." As he pulls his blankets over his head.
my thoughts *phew, at least not for quite a while yet!*

Oldest bought herself some racketballs (to drive me crazy by bouncing them in the house). As we were leaving my mom's last night, I asked if anyone was driving home with dad. (we had 2 cars because he and boy went to a spring training game earlier) Oldest looked at me and in a deadpan voice replied, "Me. I am taking my balls and going home."


  1. Only a high of 62?????? I would be dancing naked in the streets if we had 62!!!!! But then I would be cold in my jail cell, because they would have the air conditioner on. So maybe I wouldn't.
    Please tell me that the balls are blue.

  2. bum?? who the heck taught her that one? not to mention the "this baby" part. she's a card and i predict she'll be the death of you.

    phew is right for boy! course we'd say whew here in TN. lol

    eldest is a riot and really, she kept a straight face the whole time? i never coulda done that.

  3. ~weaselmomma: It's all about perspective. LOL - yes they were blue..the balls I mean.

    ~nonna: Who are you kidding? They'll all drive me insane before they can kill me!

  4. this is true and just think, good catholic that you are, you could always have more! lolol


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