Friday, March 6, 2009

Date Night

Did you ever just want to go out and do something? Long day at work and you think, "Hey, I'll just get out for a few hours this evening and have some fun"? Well, that was me on Wednesday.

So, I did what any completely boring person would do - I called my mom. My aunt is visiting and I thought, "I'll run out and visit." No cash outlay, no huge commitment, a perfect outing. No one was home. Great, I get to head home and make dinner - whoopee!

Then I thought, "Wait a minute - it's Wednesday! Date night." I made a resolution this year to spend more alone time with my hubby. (yes, I dragged him into my resolution) And date night Weds. was born. I envisioned fishing and hiking and all kinds of activities - forgetting that it is dark at 6:30. So, we have gone on only a few dates - averaging every-other week or so. (he told me that I need to have a plan, or we wind up driving around like lost teens looking for something to do)

Well, I called him at work, remembering that he needed new shoes. I was hyped (probably residual adrenaline from our fund raising) and informed him it was date night. We made plans to meet at the mall. Yes, I was going on a date... to the mall. I don't think I have done this since freshman year! But, you wouldn't have know it from my excitement. I was bouncy and chatty - just downright glad to be going out.

I called home, made arrangements for dinner, blissfully left boy and youngest in the care of teen, and headed to THE MALL. We met and proceeded to shop. He was trying on shoes to buy, and I was trying them on for fun. We spent time hunting for the perfect shoe...and finally he found a pair of shoes he liked - after 3 stores.

Then, we went for a grown-up meal, at a real restaurant - with cloth napkins! I didn't have to order for anyone or referee any arguments. We were able to have an entire conversation without someone needing something. And - this is key - we wanted to stay until after bedtime. Forcing me to order a fresh cannoli for dessert - such hardship.

Of course, upon returning home both smallish children came out to say goodnight, but they were tired and needed little care. (Teen was paid off with the half a cannoli I couldn't eat.) Teen is easy-going and doesn't mind watching her sibs. The kids have a night of pseudo-independence. We have fun and conversation. Even if our dates sound lame, this "date night resolution" is probably the best thing I have come up with so far!


  1. Any date that involves cannoli is great in my book.

  2. i can testify to the fact that you were def giddy and hyped. you sounded like a teenager going out on her first date. i'm glad you and bry are making time for yourselves. oh, and you're not a boring person...just a poor, broke, teacher which means you have to go to the mall for dates instead of somewhere high falutin. and no, i have no idea what falutin really means or how to spell it :)


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