Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's Odd Thoughts

Spring fever is in the air. It can be seen in the faces and the clothing of the kids (both in school and at home). While dropping youngest at pre-k this week it dawned on me that we have been wearing shorts for over a week. This makes no difference in the routine of 2 of my children, but in youngest the weather is seen on her daily. No more dirty kneed pants are stripped off upon entering the house. No, now we are washing filthy knees and faces and elbows. Yesterday I had her wash when we arrived at the door - she was a mess. Then 30 minutes later she pops in from the yard, and I see she is filthy up to her elbows - yet again. As I go for the baby wipes (a staple in my home) she looks at me and says, "Just weave it! I wike it that way." Apparently it is pre-k war paint that allows her to chase the dogs, play with the boys, and generally be wild - all while wearing a pink dress!

Speaking of dresses, I have a teen that needs to buy a dress for confirmation and 8th grade graduation. In many homes this seems a mundane chore, or maybe an exciting excuse to shop together and bond. In my home, it is war. When we were all told of the dress requirement (which I knew was coming - but I guess she didn't) her arms crossed and her face soured. As we left the meeting she proclaimed, "I am not weraing a dress." Daring me to cross her.

My daughter has been a tomboy since birth. While she owned a kitchenette set as a toddler it was for storing dinosaurs or feeding animals and got the most use from weaselmomma's eldest. That is not to say she didn't wear dresses then - she did. But, she hasn't worn one in 5 years. And only sporadic dresses come to mind before then (1st Communion, Nanna's funeral).

Knowing this about her I simply said, "It is the rule. There are many styles, I'm sure we can find something you like."

"Not unless it looks like jeans and a T-shirt," she replied. And I haven't even told her that the Converse won't be going to the altar. HELP!


  1. It sounds like it's time to prepare for battle! Do your sisters sew? Have them make a dress with a denim looking skirt and t-shirt looking bodice! The shoes you are on your own for.

  2. I've often heard it said that parents should pick their battles. This sounds like the one to pick. You're the mom, what you say goes. I'm sure you have at least a couple of things you can hold over her head. Hang in there.

  3. i can't remember the last time i saw her in something other than jeans and a sweatshirt or hoodie. even in the middle of a hot, steamy, summer day.

    good luck with that. oh! make her wear pantyhose that would really push her over the edge. lol

  4. ~weaselmomma: What are you implying - that I can't sew? I am domesticated! (but, not enough to make a dress!)

    ~tom: You're right, thanks.

    ~nonna: LOL - you are just mean!


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