Friday, March 20, 2009

Learning my Place.

Tuesday morning I was rushing around, preparing the younger sibs. for school. I ducked out of the kitchen to finish my preparation and this is what I heard:

youngest: "I'm leaving my mess for the maid today." *of course she is*

son: "We don't have a maid - clean-up your own stuff."

youngest: "Yes we do. Momma is our maid it's her job."

son: "Nu-huh. Mom's job is not to clean-up after you all the time. Put your bowl in the sink." *bestill my beating heart - a young knight (I should pay that kid more)*

youngest: "Uh-huh mom's jobs are to clean-up she can do it"

son, in a patient but 'I'm at the end of my rope' tone: "No - mom's job is to be a mom and take care of us."

youngest, triumphantly in increasing volume: "Uh-huh, so she can cween my messes!"

son: "Do it yourself!" *At this point Mom reenters the scene, before chaos can ensue.

I help youngest to clean her mess, and we proceed with our morning. At least I know where I stand - right? I may not be the maid, but I am definitely the general of the housework army! Oh-well, here's to hoping while I am at work (doing professional day stuff) Dad will lead the army to completing the weekend chores!


  1. Get 'em learned up right quick, before they get too set in the belief that you ARE the maid/chef/chauffeur/police/ATM

  2. lol here's to hoping. oh and when you get done cleaning their messes you could always come up here and be my maid. :)

    once again i refreshed my rss feeds and clicked on the newest one and it was your last post. had to go to your site and click on newer post. weird.

  3. ~tom: whoa! In my house I am the POLICE! But NOT the ATM!

    ~nonna: yeah - well it was tidy, beggars and choosers and all that!

  4. Since when are blogs for leaving instructions for husbands?

  5. ~weaselmomma: he has his moments.

    ~bry: it flowed - that's all.

  6. those weren't instructions bry. they were hints sheesh. men don't know anything. :)

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