Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Warrior!

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, preferably spent in a tent in the woods...but obligations caused my long weekend to be otherwise engaged. Though I guess I can't complain, I did get a lot done.

Friday I sent the lovely children to their various schools and got myself to work. I started by cleaning the house. (It has been sorely neglected of late) I was mopping the kitchen and trying to get to the edge of grime under the fridge, you know the stuff you see - just barely? Well, this caused me to move the fridge - yucky. I then embarked on the behind the fridge and ceiling fan cleaning. But I was rewarded with a clean house...and no excuse to cut-out on yard work.

Now, a domestic goddess I am not. I want my home clean and my yard pretty, but I am almost illiterate when it comes to plants. So, I muddle through, doing the best I can. In FL if you do not want it to grow, it takes over your yard and if you plant it, it will die. It is the jungle. So, while hubby cut the grass, I spent hours Saturday digging out dirt to fill-in a particular trouble spot with rocks. I love this kind of work. It is simple and produces an area that I can look on in days or weeks and still see my results. Unlike the piles of laundry that are forever reproducing!

So, 5 wagon loads of dirt and 10 bags of stones later I am having a snack and I look out to see the puppy has decided it is his mission to pull all traces of the black matting out - from under the rocks! I am so annoyed, I open the slider and yell. He - in all innocence - cocks his head to the side, still holding the black matting and gives me the "but I am helping you" look. A toddler in dog's clothing!


  1. thanks to the dog, your rock garden has become as monotonous as the laundry. Sorry, but I am laughing at your expense.

  2. good lord woman! 6:26am is when you posted that? oh, well i'm reading it at 2:32am so i guess i can't say much. lol

    where did you put the rocks? i know it's the back yard cuz of the slider reference but where exactly?

  3. ~weaselmomma: yup, he's a headache - but impish with his lopsided grin.

    ~nonna: LOL! And I was late! Oh and they're on the sides of the little sidewalk leading to the porch.

  4. My tip would be to find wild flowers that you like that are native to your area and plant those. In general doing so results in an almost maintenance free garden because they normally grow in the exact conditions you have without human help. Plus you could be all snobby about how you only plant native fauna, lol!


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