Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heard Around Campus

There are few things more frustrating, and entirely entertaining, than a middle school student who has been caught doing wrong. Now, those of you with pre or post teens will have heard the standby before, "What? I wasn't doing anything." Completely cliche and boring. (yet, I hear it more than 10x's daily school & home) The following are far more engaging interactions:

Often heard by the classes who love to be off-topic and generally chatty: "Mr ---, you know you love us! We're your best class!" to which his unwavering reply is, "I hate you all equally." Male teachers can get away with so much!

A student's response after being busted throwing paper across the room into the recycling bin: "But I made it...there's no mess." teacher's reply: "Since you are so concerned about the floor, you will stay after class and be sure there is no mess anywhere." (other students inevitably than leave a mess and unpushed chairs - hehehe)

A student who was going into detention for throwing a pencil at another student: "But, I didn't even hit him." teacher stated, "Your bad aim is not my problem."

A girl caught out of dress code -again- being sent to change into PE uniform & call to parents: "But, these shorts aren't that short. I checked this morning and they were fine." teacher: "Ok, go to the office and check with administration. They can call home and your mom will have to come get your clothes." student: "Fine, I'll change. But just let me run to the bathroom and do it, I have a change in my backpack." teacher: "But you knew the clothes were school appropriate right?"

A behavior specialist addressing a student who was using the email: suckmymiddlenut: "Suck my middle nut? Does this seem appropriate to you?" Blank stare by student. "What is a middle nut?" *long pause and continued blank stare* "Do you have a middle nut?" At which point the listening party had to vacate, to contain laughter.

A student caught, just this morning, filling-out 3 identical worksheets. student: "It's not a big deal. They didn't get it and I like doing homework." *really - so that makes this all ok???* teacher: "Is that not cheating?" student: "No, it really all just started as a joke. It's only homework." *yes, this is what she honestly seemed to believe* "I was actually helping them!" *note, the 2 boys in question were not even in the room!*

Yes, these little lovelies are slowly, but surely being shaped into our future! I'll give them this - they are entertaining!


  1. ugh... middle school kids... urgh...

  2. I hope I die before these kids rule the world.

  3. ~kel: they really are entertaining, in a slap-stick kind of way.

    ~weaselmomma: Have faith, we were all dumb at 13. And if they had any common sense, think of how dangerous they could be!

  4. i second kel and weaselMomma and you! lol


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