Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Planes, Jets, & Scared Little Girls

Believe it or not, I had managed to live a bit over 3 decades without ever having been to an airshow. And to add to that shock, I haven't ever really wanted to go to an airshow. In my mind anything that involves knowing series of names that are comprised largely of letter and number sequences (barring C3PO & R2D2 of course) is really a guy thing. Yet, through a series of events Saturday found me in just that situation with Boy and Youngest - without Hubby - yikes!

I have to tell you, I spent a large portion of the day, trying to get names right. Reading plaques and summarizing for Boy. Sure, I can look at a plane with propellers and say - this is from WWII (maybe), but beyond that I am useless. Though I was able to find planes with guns - which Boy wanted to see.

Youngest, was far easier - just let her look at the helicopter - no I don't know what kind it is, but it was BIG!

Everything was going fairly well. Boy was agog with the number of planes and the show began. Youngest was happy too - that is until she heard the F16 (or maybe M16 - no that's a gun isn't it) breaking the sound barrier. Then all bets were off - she was ready to go and let me know through very loud wailing. Lucky for those around us, she could barely be heard over the jets.

As the flights progressed, I have to admit that I was awed. By the sound, the speed, and the general kick-a** abilities of the planes and pilots. My imagination being what it is, allowed me to envision what it would be like, going about my business in enemy territory and having those things fly over your head. And I have to tell you - I would surrender. There is simply no way that you can look and hear that and not say, "OK, I give-up."

I even briefly considered how amazing it would be to fly one - until I remembered I don't even know the names. If a 30+ mother considers this for even a moment, I am thinking it is a pretty effective recruiting device. My son went to bed with visions of flying in his head.


  1. Fighter jets are definitely kick-a**! I love how you don't hear them until after they pass by. It can make you jump out of your skin. Sounds like you guys are in total outdoor family mode.

  2. ~weaselmomma: that is why youngest was bawling!

  3. too cool! i don't think i've been to an airshow either. now i'm jealous! poor youngest. she just doesn't like those loud noises does she?


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