Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday's Safari post

It has been a crazy week. To culminate the study of chocolate. Latin America (thanks for the cacao tree), and essay writing my classes shared their essays while enjoying chocolate fondue and hot chocolates. It was a crazy Friday. Serving chocolate with various dipping items to 93 students is a daunting task. But, judging from their moans of "I'm so full" and "I can't eat another bite" as well as the unsolicited thank you's made it worth the effort!

Needless to say, I did not want to work - at all - on Saturday. So, I did what any practical adult would do... I ran away! Not alone - we all jumped into the car and headed out to safari - well the Bush Gardens' version of safari anyway. We decided this would be a nice "treat" for Valentine's Day - of course teen thought staying home in her pj's was a nice treat - so we let her. (we are members - so we visit throughout the year & teen likes to bring troop members with her - they travel in packs)

The love was in the air as we entered to feed the birds. (Unless that is lice they are picking off each other! - Nah go with the love thing)

Watching boy help youngest was sweetness in itself. (watch out for excrement! Boy dodged 3 separate incidents before proclaiming they were out to get his shoes!)

And hubby was busy playing the role of pirate - though I think he was worried about his ear!

Of course you can't go on safari without seeing the tigers.

Then, we had the delight of caging the children!

And mom remembered that she doesn't really trust engineers - but persevered anyway!

Then, upon heading toward home we really had to question where and what time period we had entered! Do they not know that the war ended over 100 years ago and that they lost?

A great day - so great in fact that the kids (even teen) didn't complain that they received stuffed animals from BG - a true treat - instead of candy this year. (we brought home a penguin for teen and 2 tigers for boy and youngest). There is still chocolate fondue - maybe for tonight?


  1. man you're makin me crave chocolate dipped strawberries! and this is not the time of year to be craving big, fresh, juicy strawberries dipped in melted chocolate! you're lucky hubby stocked me up in chocolate.

    what kind of bird is that red one in the first pic?? i've never seen one like that! beautiful!

  2. ~nonna: It is the perfect time here - Strawberry Festival starts next week! I love this time of year!
    BTW: they are both Lories or Lorikeets - whole estuary full at BG.

  3. Awesome pics! That looks like a wonderful and warm day! I really want to find a way to come visit. But I will see you when you come up for BlogHer in July (and you are coming).

  4. ~weaselmomma: Yes it was a perfect day. I make no summer promises - cuts and all you know.

  5. That looks so fun!! I wanna go!

  6. ~kel: It is fun, we have been going so many years I joke that I could do an album "growing up at BG" showing all 3 growing up there!

  7. Those birds are very cute, and you so would not see me going anywhere near that bridge thing! You should make that album, maybe it would earn you a free pass or something ;).

  8. ~microbiologist: yeah right - there are no "free passes" but it would be a great keepsake. Now I would just have to print all those pics!


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