Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Appalled at Candy - am I just old?

Ok, so I know that I am closer to 40 than 30, so is it just me? You decide.

I am at my local video rental chain and I walk up to the counter. (Now, the local chain is hugely conservative in many things. I had friends who worked there in their 20's and had hair drug tests as well as hair length requirements. In other words it is not "edgy' in any way - or so I thought.)

As I am waiting patiently for my turn I peruse the counter goodies. Locally made flavored nuts and popcorn, and look a new candy. Being a candy lover I walk over for a closer look and am shocked to find myself face-to-face with this candy:

Please look closely at the tag line: "we're all addicted to something." First blush I am furious that a candy company would joke about the SERIOUS drug problem in the world. That makes me mad at the outset - but I am most angry that this is at my VIDEO STORE. It's not the joke gift shop or another more applicable venue. It is the FAMILY video store. So, what - now I have to educate my son on what a crackhead is??

I get the referance to the added caffeine and addiction - and I would have probably chuckled if it had been at an appropriate store. But, here? It's like taking your child to a G movie and sitting through previews of Basic Instinct. It's just out of place - or am I being old?

I stewed about this problem of mine until my next visit. I decided I would say something, or if that didn't work I would write the corporation. I even brought my camera to take a pic. The candy was gone. Probably sold to teens and 20-somethings who wanted it to show their friends.


  1. I don't think you're off base here.

    This is wrong. The manager of the store should be informed by his clientele that they don't want this kind of junk in their kid's faces. It does us no good to glorify the use of or downplay the dangers of drugs.

  2. I may be 40, but that's a product marketed as you believe. The store itself should be to blame for putting it out. Hopefully the removed the product because of pressure.

  3. Did you get me a box before they pulled it?
    -the husband

  4. ~Michael's Daddy: That was my plan - maybe someone else said something, if not (& it shows up again) I will.

    ~OhCaptain: Makes you wonder who is making the purchasing decisions - a 16 year-old?

    ~BryanO: LOL! You apparently missed the whole point of the blog - or are you saying I'm old? ('cuz you're older baby!)

  5. You should let the store know you are not happy about it and you are willing to take your business elsewhere

  6. You are not wrong.

    This candy was totally inappropriate for the venue. I think the tagline is totally inappropriate, period.

    I don't reacting to and rejecting this candy has anything to do with how old you are.

  7. I agree that was really out of place and in bad taste.

  8. are just old mother. There are movie titles and covers that a kid can walk through that store and be scarred for life after seeing. A box of candy making a joke that they would not understand wouldn't make a difference.

    And next time they show up, can you grab us a box?

  9. LOL at the comments, but horrified at the candy. not only is the name completely offensive, but wtF!? who wants to give candy to a kid that is equivalent to SIX CUPS OF COFFEE?? they are hyped up enough naturally. they do NOT need anything extra for that!


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