Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

I don't do random thoughts - because I tend to ramble and one thought can lead to a page and many thoughts to a novel....But today I thought I would give it a shot.

~ Went to mow the grass yesterday, usually Teen's job - but after camping it was pretty tall and she wasn't home. Of course the mower wouldn't start. Why is it that whenever the grass really needs cutting because I've been slacking there is some problem?

~ Brought Boy + friend and youngest hiking for a bit yesterday. As they were exploring the shore trying to catch a crab, youngest put her hands on her hips and said "boys" in her most exasperated-I-don't-understand-them-voice. Get used to it honey!

~ Teen liked the new Harry Potter movie (went to the midnight show Tues.) But she was very unhappy with the end. The rest of us (minus youngest) will go see it soon - not at midnight.

~ After cutting the lawn with neighbor's not self-propelled lawn mower I agreed with hubby we should get ours fixed ASAP.

~ Contrary to many people, I like cutting the grass. I am outside. I can sweat. When it is done I can admire my work for at least a couple of days (total opposite of housework - well except the sweating part)

~ After cutting the grass I went to the fridge. Teen tried to hand me water. I reached around her to get a beer. Receiving a lecture about the hydrating power of water versus beer. Later when I said I was still thirsty, she said "told ya so." I knew she was right, but sometimes you just want a beer - right?

~ Youngest was granted her first library card this week. You would think she was given a kingdom. It was a very big moment in her 5 years and she displayed the card (complete in its own little wallet) to anyone who would look.

A week of odds and ends. Today we are going to leave for a day outing with Grandma complete with stingray petting and sharks.


  1. I have a mower only powered by me and I live on a pretty steep hill. Needless to say I hate mowing the yard.

    Going for a beer is always the right choice.

  2. first time to your site...just wanted to say hello!!! Love your random thoughts list...sometimes doesnt it just feel better getting it all out!!! *smile*

  3. ~ otter thomas: I do not envy you - it is very flat here and it was hard!

    ~ dena: Thanks for dropping by! I must admit, I do enjoy rambling!

  4. Hey there!! I'm glade to see you over on my blog. Love your blog, look forward to more posts.

  5. i need to talk rickey into donating his 30+ y/o (and still working!!) hover-craft lawn mower to you. that thing just floats along over your FL sand so it would be a breeze for you! plus it would just float over your grapefruits (that i totally forgot to get b4 i left).


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