Friday, July 24, 2009

Wrapped Around Her Finger

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At the naive ages of 22 & 21 Hubby and I found ourselves in the hospital. There was no accident, just the beginning of a new life for both of us plus the new one we would be bringing home. With my sister there to guide and be supportive, my Hubby there to be worried and nervous, there wasn't much for me to do. Oh wait, I did have a job!

But that job was tiring and is another story.
At the end of all the work, the nurses eventually held a precious little girl up for our viewing pleasure. A quick glance at Hubby confirmed what I had known throughout the entire pregnancy, he would be a great dad. No, he wasn't sobbing or even tearing-up. He was enthralled.

As the team of nurses moved to the other side of the room to do their baby-checking things - he was quick on their heels. Watching over their every step until she was safely cleaned, weighed, rated, dressed, & marked as
mine his. Some people say that they were hooked from baby's first smile, well Hubby must be a push-over because she didn't even have to smile. He was hooked by her mere presence.

People who know me well know that I am apparently a sadist I love teens in general. I find them amusing, astonishing, and largely entertaining. Hubby has not expressed this affection for obnoxiousness - ever. When I worked with troubled teens he would often shake his head in wonder that I could tolerate such work, let alone enjoy it. So, as Teen began to fit her name, there were some brief periods of worry. Would he see her rebellion and that of her friends as amusing or would it become a power struggle to rival WWII? Oh, I knew there would be things that would not phase him, hair color for example. But girls giggling until the wee hours, increased independence; how would these things sit with Hubby? Would he be able to keep his relationship with Teen active and engaging?

I should never have feared. Hubby is nothing if not
crafty resourceful. Having used his influence at advantageous periods, Teen shares our musical tastes. He is now that father. You know the one - he loads the kids up in the car to head off to the concert and keeps watch to be sure the negative influences are kept at bay - yeah, that one. He grouses and complains that teens are silly, loud, and clueless but he is still doing the job he claimed at Teen's birth. He is watching over her, even when that means he gets to see some of his favorite bands has to attend concerts.


  1. HA! We are so already there...sort of...but dang, wish my Parents were as cool as you two.

    Your Teen is fortunate...;-)

  2. There is that blood line of fighting the establishment that is part of a teens DNA, which started with Brys mother and father and runs through him that makes him identify easily.

  3. Your hubby sounds like a great Dad! His relationship with his Teen sounds like my husband's relationship with our girls. And to think he gets to hear his favorite bands, too! :)

  4. Too funny. My eldest at 12 enjoys our 80's music & will listen to our CD collection. Neat that your hubby & teen can share that!

  5. i still say you're a sadist (to the extreme!) but it must come in handle since you're gonna have 3 of those dang terror-agers to deal with! i also think it is too cool that you're kids actually enjoy all the music that y'all like. i mean, how many 5 year olds are asking mommy to crank up Flogging Molly?? hilarious!


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