Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sleeping Alone - Unheard Of

Sharing a room builds a special bond...a certain love-hate relationship that can stand the test of time. In my home this is the relationship between Boy and Youngest.

On the surface of many days, they appear to tolerate each other with varying degrees of animosity. There is bickering and rivalry buzzing in my head like an annoying insect. It is during these moments that I remind myself of the positives of their siblinghood, largely exhibited at bedtime.

Last night the story had been read, the water given, hugs, kisses and goodnights to both & mom exited the room. Just as I was sitting down, here comes Boy in an exaggerated tip-toe walk. Turning a corner he was directly in my sightline and announced that he was just getting himself a drink. He and I talked about animation (how animated I was going to be if he doesn't get to bed), while he was in the fridge. Low and behold, Youngest entered from bed, announced that she was waiting for Boy - because she was scared. I made the exasperated sigh, announced that all need to get to bed. Boy hustled along and said he had to go to the bathroom.

Youngest grabbed at Boy's PJ shirt as he passed and asked, "Are you going poop?"

Boy responded, "Ewww - you are so gross. Let go of me!" (love, it overflows at my house)

He shook her off and marched away (apparently his sense of dignity was upset). Youngest looked to me and explained, "When he goes poop he minutes and I'm tired."

As I was retucking Youngest into her bed, Boy came to climb into his bed. The relief on Youngest's face was visible. While I was walking out the door, I could hear Boy, "Fine, I'm here. Now go to sleep and no playing with your animals or I'm leaving." Ahhh, siblinghood is filled with love.


  1. i know how boy feels. yesterday, i hear:
    g-kid:"NOOOONNA, where are you??"
    me:"going potty"
    g-kid:"in the bathroom??"
    me:"no, i'm pooping in your bedroom, on your bed"
    g-kid (to mommy): "eeewww nonna's pooping in my bed!!"

    i know, i just couldn't resist it though. i mean come on! he's standing at the bathroom door, talking to me, but had to ask where i was pooping. lol

  2. Thank u :) check out this emo boy one at this blog:


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